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e3m Box

The e3m Box is a maintenance-free on-site hardware solution for handling meter readings, irrespective of system. The meter data is processed in the e3m Box and transmitted to the e3m Data Centre.
The e3m Box can be expanded from a smart data aggregator to a complex, web-enabled building control system tailored to project-specific requirements.

e3m box

Features / Modules:

The e3m box is the central information point in the objects. Depending on the application requirements the e3m Box takes different levels of functionality. In the simplest case the e3m Box is used as a pure data collector - but the e3m Box is still much more: there is for example the integrated scheduler for time based optimization, the HMI/SCADA visualization for graphical representation of your systems, an IEC 61131-3 Logic module for central control tasks or a peak load manage- ment and a integrated alarm handling.

Configuring instead of programming

The configuration of the e3m Box can be made in the e3m studio. All settings are available comfortable in dialogues or in the graphical editor. Part of the concept are also mechanisms for remote configuration (remote access to distributed locations), automatic data backup, automated distribution of software upgrades and simple installation with a USB flash drive.

e3m box construction


The e3m Box offers a wide range of communication drivers and connectivity options:

  • BACnet/IP
  • M-Bus
  • Modbus RTU (seriell), Modbus TCP/IP
  • KNXnet/IP
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • refrigeration systems (Danfoss, Elreha, Wurm IP)

For more information about connectivity, click here.

e3m Data Center


We offer the e3m box in 3 different forms of construction / models:

  • The classic e3m box SMART comes as a universal, scalable unit.
  • The e3m box RACER is designed for large-scale projects with many connections.
  • The e3m SMINT box is a stripped down version of e3m box with a very compact design.

Further information about the different types of e3m boxes can be found here.

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e3m SMINT box