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Energy providers


Energy providers, municipal utilities and alternative suppliers are facing the challenge to comply with high environmental regulations to reduce their CO2 emissions and nearby offering proven alternative energy concepts. This involves the optimal operation of distributed energy islands or the precise tuning of different energy sources with varying purchase quantities at the customer.

The quantification of different types of and energy flows, down to an individual energy consumer at the customer, is the basis for an energy optimization process and the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions.

e3m markets utilities - power pole


Transparency to the consumer creates the basis for the customer's requirements with reliable and environ-mentally friendly energy supply. Access to all energy-related data will be possible at any time and from any place on the basis of modern web technology.

While the active energy management system e3m enables the customer's to analyze systematically their energy consumption, it serves the supplier in quality control of environmental indicators, the analysis of its installed base and viability for the detection of existing investments.

Light bulb with a tree and wind energy

Implementation with e3m

All energy-related data of the various properties are transferred on on a modern communication technology to the e3m Data Center and stored there for the further processing in a central and powerful database. The e3m Data Center can be either installed at the customer site or provided from us as a hosted service (e3m SaaS).

The collection of the energy data is based on the in building installed multi-protocol data collector (e3m Box) or by flexible software interfaces (e3m Connector).

The view for the analysis on the web-based front end provides an overview of the energy balance of properties and processes. The possible views are fully configurable and multi-client capable. Alarms and limit violations can be promptly processed in a central service organization.

Trough the integrated Web server on the e3m box you can directly or via scheduler optimize the connected processes.

The solution is fully scalable and permits the continuous expansion and installation of further objects and clients if requirred.

e3m Data Center Screenshot

Many options such as the definition of own key figures, automated energy reports, benchmarks and their monitoring are possible, based on a freely programmable algebra in the e3m Data Center.


The Süwag Energie AG and emation GmbH agreed on a long-term cooperation in the field of energy manage-ment.

40 property owners of a residential area in the greater Frankfurt area are already benefiting from the central acquisition of their power, water and heat consumption, which are presented simply and clearly in the web-portal of the e3m Data Center.

The connection of two cogeneration plants allows monitoring and optimization of the central heat pro-duction.

All information relating to energy efficiency, the pro-fitability of investment and environmental protection policies, are available for Süwag AG and as well selected end users.

Other projects for industrial customers and other large energy consumers of Süwag are already planned.