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Frequently asked questions about EN 16001 (FAQs)

For who is an energy management according to DIN EN 16001 interesting?

The standard is not aligned sector-specific; it can be applied within different companies / organizations. Tue to the in Germany planned coupling of energy tax reductions it is often mentioned by the manufacturing industry, but there is no restriction on this target group.

What are the typical elements of an EN 16001 implementation?

  • definitions of savings to be achieved
  • appointment of an energy manager
  • monitoring & measurement, systematic controlling
  • Identifcation of energy aspects and ratings
  • audits, management reviews
  • documentation and recording
  • communication (level measurement & management)

Is the active energy management e3m certified according to DIN EN 16001?

Generally not products or technologies will be certified, but companies. But with the introduction of the e3m energy management system, it offers the company exactly the information that is required in the standard - the systematic collection of data on the planning / implementation / review of measures to benchmarking and documentation.

Must an Energy Management be certified according to DIN EN 16001?

The application of the standard can be certified, but not necessarily. It is in practice a range of application as a free guide to the certified companies. If certification for a company is desired or required, this is usually managed by an external certification partner. The first certificate is issued to the companies for 3 years, there is an annual review follows in a reduced scale.

Is there a duty to adopt the EN 16001?

Currently there is no direct legal obligation. But for the manufacturing industries in Germany, a coupling of tax reduction to a certified energy management is planned. (§ 40 seq EEG -. Renewable Energy Law for manufacturing companies. Additional information can be found among others in the "leaflet for certification of energy consumption and energy consumption reduction potentials", published by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control).

Where can I get more information?

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety has published a guide in the Internet as a free download: "DIN EN 16001: Energy Management Systems in Practice - A guide for companies and organizations"

more about legal regulations

What are the benefits for companies with energy management according to DIN EN 16001?

Often a combination of:

  • Higher energy efficiency and transparency
  • Identification of potential savings through systematic data collection
  • Reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Competitive advantage through sustainability, improved image
  • Base for tax incentives

Which technology specifications are given by DIN EN 16001?

The standard is a management standard, detailed technical specifications are not provided. There is neither a specification what a counter exactly needs to have nor are the possibilities of the analysis software described. Proven in practice are counter with bus technique that broadcasts several times a day (typically in a 15-minute interval), the measurement and consumption to a central analysis software.

What is the relationship between EN 16001 and DIN EN 14001?

The standards follow similar approaches and methods of treatment, but different issues. When the EN 14001 includes topics such as environmental/ hazardous materials/water, the topic of DIN EN 16001 is the energy consumption. Companies that have already implemented the environment can extend the analysis typically relatively simple on energy. The energy sector is considered to be legally clear.

What is the relationship between EN 16001 and ISO 50001?

The standards are very similar but not identical. It is - give both standards in parallel - at least until further notice. The company may decide typically if it relates to the international or European standard.

What is the PDCA cycle or PDCA circuit?

PDCA stands for "Plan-Do-Check-Act" and is a typical management standards for core elements:

  • Plan - During the planning phase, measures are designed to help improve
  • Do - The planned measures will be implemented throughout the company
  • Check - the measures are monitored and evaluated for their effectiveness target
  • Act - On the basis of the check results corrective action are initiated

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