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FAQs about DIN EN 16001


Energy Management with e3m according to DIN EN 16001

The e3m Energy Management is the ideal platform for implementing the requirements of DIN EN 16001 in your company. It supports you by the data acquisition, analysis and documentation up to monitoring and optimization of the efficiency measures. e3m is the foundation and central tool for the certification.

Energy costs are becoming an increasingly important factor for companies and organizations. Energy management systems according to DIN EN 16001 are essential in order to increase the energy efficiency and provide a systematic approach.

With the activation of DIN EN 16001 in July 2009, EU-wide criteria are defined for energy management systems. Based on it, Germany has set an introductory period for the manufacturing industry - deadline therefor is the 31.12.2012. Specifically for this target group, the Energy Management is not only the key for better efficiency, but also for a future claim for tax incentives.

Frequently asked questions about EN 16001

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e3m PDCA cycle

The standard DIN EN 16001 describes the requirements for an energy management system, which a company puts in a position to reduce the energy consumption systematically and continuously. This includes the determination of consumption figures and costs, the extraction of evidence and the implementation of measures. Together with the aspects of documentation and evaluation results in a PDCA-management cycle (plan - do - act - check) as a core element of the optimization process.

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