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e3m Story

What consumes your building on the square meters?

Only those who capture, analyze and assess their longterm energy data are ability to detect potential savings and to take action. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate all energy-related data on one single platform. Benchmarks for different building types and usages help to discover, define and implement appropriate actions to increase energy efficiency.

e3m combines here the ecological and economic aspects of energy management. Just as we now answer the question about the fuel efficiency of our vehicle as a matter of course, we must also provide information to the question: "What consumes your building on the square meters?"

e3m EUR per m2

e3m as the driving element of the energy management process

e3m accompanies you throughout the optimization cycle and is the key to continuous improvement. This applies to the measurement procedure driven by "record, opti- mize, interpret, check" as well as the management pro-cess "plan, implement, review, improve."

These cycles accompany you in the direct work with our products as well as the implementation of management processes within the company, such as for example ISO-50001 respectively DIN-EN-16001.

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e3m PDCA cycle